With headquaters in Munich and near Basel we provide valuable maintenance solutions optimized on simplicity, uptimes and cost reduction.


maintenance expertise

With the establishment of digital systems, the maintenance of these goes hand in hand. Many companies have no internal maintenance capacities and therefore like to rely on external experts.

maintenance done right

Improper maintenance can be expensive. Downtime can be a loss of profit, and aging systems sometimes need to be replaced entirely.

reduced support times

Siliconforest has specialist staff at its headquarters in Munich and near Basel to serve large systems. We offer maintenance contracts to our clients with which we reduce support times to up to 24 hours.

VIP service

Every customer is VIP with us. No ticket systems or hotlines, our customers get direct access to qualified experts. This can solve many problems directly by phone or remote maintenance software.

spare parts as a service

In order to avoid delivery bottlenecks and to act fast and agile on hardware defects, we offer the storage of the most important spare parts as a service. This measure reduces the downtime for hardware defects by several days.

predictive maintenance

We do not wait for the failure, we use predictive maintenance to prevent it. Measuring and monitoring technology is the key pillar of predictive maintenance. It is the basis for successful condition-oriented maintenance.

remote service

The Siliconforest remote service leverages years of proven toolkits to solve problems quickly and without direct access to the systems. The primary focus of remote services is on proactive services and multimedia communication. Supporting maintenance and process optimization when using machines and equipment.

our clients

Our services are aimed at: managing directors and owners, product managers, product developers, business development, plant managers, quality managers and buyers from the manufacturing industry, mechanical engineering, plant engineering specialists.

get in touch

Have we piqued your interest? We are happy to advise you on the maintenance, expansion and structuring of digital systems. Just use the support button in the bottom corner and our experts will contact you shortly.


We are proud to give you a brief overview of our clients. In addition, we were also able to bring our knowledge to many small and medium-sized companies.


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