This article shows our approach to software development and the importance of development cycles. We develop software solutions in Munich and near Basel.


1. concept development

The software development cycle begins with the analysis of the problem to be solved. In most cases, a first assessment is possible after a telephone conversation with the client. From this we develop a concept that will be presented in a meeting with decision makers. This allows for quick decision-making, especially with less technologically demanding clients.

2. prototyping

From the feedback of the first meeting and under constant customer contact a prototype is designed. In this phase, it is often necessary to reconsider the process. The programmatic recording of problems not only allows the creation of software, but also the solution of time-consuming operational errors in the company environment.

3. software development

After an appropriate design has been found that meets the customer's requirements and wishes, the development of the customized solution begins. Depending on the effort, we can develop the solution in-house or involve developers from our network.

4. software implementation

Just as important as the development is the implementation of the solution. In most cases it is necessary to train the users of the system. For training, we have two approaches. On-site training provides personal access to the software and allows queries. Training videos are a good reference tool and are always available.

5. analysis and evaluation

To complete the first development cycle, a implementation of the solution must be made. The aim of this evaluation is to show further optimization and expansion potential. We do not see software as a static solution, but as a growing potential. To do justice to this potential and to develop the next level, the development cycle begins again.

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